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Girl Talk | Meet MILK LIKE SUGAR - YouTube

· Sit down with the playwright, the director and the star of this provocative, Obie Award-winning play. They talk about Annie's story, the inspiration behind t

Milk Like Sugar from Mosaic Theater Company (review) - DC

At the top of Milk Like Sugar, three young teens enter, a blast of energy and music, wild rhythms jerking through their bodies in fits, almost uncontrollably, laughing, jiving each other, finishing each other’s barely completed sentences mid-stream.

Milk Like Sugar : Playwrights Horizons

REMARKABLE. "Milk Like Sugar" is one of the works of art for which will be remembered. —Bob Verini, Variety “ A TERRIFIC CAST. With their tart backchat and slangy humor, the high school girls played with beaming verve by Cherise Boothe, Angela Lewis and Nikiya Mathis are a delight to watch. The great Tonya Pinkins gives a sensational, frame-busting performance, biting into the humor with ferocious intensity.

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· Milk Like Sugar delivers piercing glimpses of the way underachievement and unhappiness are passed down from generation to generation." - The New York Times " Milk Like Sugar 's remarkable features include its locale, an urban, African-American subworld that displays, for once, neither the brutalizing clichés of a poverty-stricken ghetto nor the discomfiting artificiality of a talented-tenth safe haven.

Milk Like Sugar | Samuel French

It is Annie Desmond’s sixteenth birthday and her friends have decided to help her celebrate in style, complete with a brand new tattoo. Before her special night is over, however, Annie and her friends enter into a life altering pact. When Annie tries to make good on her promise to her friends, she is forced to take a good look at the world that surrounds her. She befriends Malik, who

MILK LIKE SUGAR – ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery | Plays

Ticket holders to the Saturday, March 18 performance are invited to join us for a special evening with the Milk Like Sugar cast. After the pm performance, engage in a conversation with the cast about the themes, issues and creative challenges involved with this powerful production.

Project MUSE - Milk Like Sugar (review)

· La Jolla Playhouse’s production of Milk Like Sugar demonstrates the power of encounter, challenging regional-theatre audiences to confront characters and storylines often marginalized—or silenced completely—in commercial venues. In doing so, this production resists historic and systemic racist, classist, and sexist production practices endemic to US professional theatre.

'Milk Like Sugar' Offers Saucy, Lyrical Look At Teen

"Milk Like Sugar" and its look at urban youth facing an uncertain future gets a cocky, convincing Boston premiere at the Huntington, says Carolyn Clay.

‘Milk Like Sugar’ a bittersweet portrait of a striving

Titled "Milk Like Sugar,'' it's now at Huntington Theatre Company, directed by M. Bevin O'Gara, who elicits vivid performances from her young cast.

‘Milk Like Sugar’ is the cream of - Washington Post

The funny, disturbing girls of Kirsten Greenidge’s slow-burning “Milk Like Sugar” won’t be easy to shake if you catch their minute drama at Mosaic Theater Company. Three African

Milk Like Sugar | TheaterMania

Reviews Milk Like Sugar Kirsten Greenidge's new play about the life of inner-city teenagers is a moving and exhilarating experience.

Milk Like Sugar | StageAgent

"Milk Like Sugar" follows Annie, an inner-city year-old who's struggling to believe in herself and her opportunities. All she wants is a future that's better than the lives of her mother and others in her community.

Kirsten Greenidge - Wikipedia

Milk Like Sugar. Milk Like Sugar is a coming of age play about 16 year old Annie who makes a pregnancy pact with her friends. As she dreams about having a baby and leading a happy life, she soon learns teen pregnancy is not all it's made to be in her head. The play opened

‘Milk Like Sugar’ at Peter Jay Sharp Theater - Review

· The three young women chirping away like baby birds in a feathered nest in the opening scene of “Milk Like Sugar,” a provocative new play by Kirsten Greenidge that opened on Tuesday night at

Playwright Greenidge has her finger on the pulse - The

"Milk Like Sugar" addresses a more intimate issue. In the play, a teenager named Annie is conflicted when her two best friends pressure her to get pregnant. They envision a group baby shower, with

Milk Like Sugar | Huntington Theatre Company

Window of Opportunity: Kirsten Greenidge's Milk Like Sugar. The spark of Kirsten Greenidge’s play Milk Like Sugar came from an intersection of ideas; the stories around the rumored Gloucester pregnancy pact hit the news the same year that Greenidge visited Aspen Ideas Festival. More

Milk Like Sugar at ArtsWest in Seattle, WA on March

Kirsten Greenidge's Milk Like Sugar (winner of the Obie Award for Playwriting) is a chatty, breezy, sociological take on teenage life, teenage pregnancy, and multigenerational

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In her play "Milk like Sugar," Kirsten Greenidge take's the audience on a journey of perspective. The play follows three teenage girls who make a pregnancy pact, and the moral perspective that follows the three as they pursue the pact. Listen in as the boys of No Script take on this complicated, funny play.

Kirsten Greenidge on "Milk Like Sugar" - Trailers + More

Playwrights' Perspectives Kirsten Greenidge on "Milk Like Sugar" Until well into college I was a very good girl. I didn't drink, I didn't smoke, and most Friday nights I stayed in and watched " " with my mom and sisters.

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We Talk with Kirsten Greenidge about BALTIMORE, Her Black

In Kirsten Greenidge’s new play Baltimore, a racially-charged incident divides students on a college campus, and reluctant resident advisor Shelby must decide if she will enter the fray. We spoke with the playwright about the inspiration behind the play, the Big Ten Theatre Consortium, and her advice for aspiring writers.

The Story of Milk Like Sugar - The Huntington

before rehearsals began, boston playwright kirsten greenidge and director m. bevin o’gara shared their thoughts and ideas about their upcoming production of milk like play follows 16 year-old annie’s journey of deciding whether or not to join her friends in a pregnancy pact, and in this conversation, the artists explore the play…

Theater review: 'Milk Like Sugar' at the La Jolla

The title of "Milk Like Sugar" refers to the powdered variety purchased by food-stamp recipients, but its symbolic aspects reach well beyond socioeconomic realities. So does Kirsten Greenidge's trenchant seriocomic look at a pregnancy pact among three African American teens in its absorbing La Jolla Playhouse production.

Milk Like Sugar – Variety

Milk Like Sugar When people can't discriminate between what's morally ersatz and what's spiritually sound, they make dubious choices, whether it be an investment in overpriced designer sneakers or

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Theater Masters is raising the curtain on a new version of its wintertime Aspen festival this weekend. The local nonprofit has rebranded its long-running “Take Ten” festival as the “Take Ten First Look Festival,” a three-day event that will present minute plays by local high school students in Theater Masters’ Aspiring Playwrights program along with a staged reading of a full

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"SOME LIKE IT HOT" Screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond November 12, . FADE IN: CITY AT NIGHT A hearse of Late Twenties vintage is proceeding at a dignified pace along a half-deserted wintry street. Inside the hearse, there are four somber men in black -- and a coffin, of course, with …

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Excerpt: 'Milk Like Sugar' - The New York Times

A scene from Kirsten Greenidge's play at Playwrights Horizons. (Video courtesy of the theater.)

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Get full credits and contact information for the Producers, Creatives, Designers and Management team of the Off-Broadway production of Milk Like Sugar. Staying informed just got easy.

Discount Tickets For Off-Broadway Play, “Milk Like Sugar

Playwrights Horizons, Women’s Project and La Jolla Playhouse present “Milk Like Sugar,” a new play by Kristen Greenidge. Featuring Tony Award winner Tonya Pinkins (Caroline, or Change; Jelly’s Last Jam), the off-Broadway play follows Annie, a year-old girl with lots of potential w

Sugar (musical) - Wikipedia

Sugar is a musical with a book by Peter Stone, music by Jule Styne, and lyrics by Bob is based on the film Some Like It Hot, which was adapted by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond from a story by Robert Thoeren and Michael Logan. It premiered on Broadway in and was staged in the West End twenty years later.

Milk Like Sugar, NY Premiere - YouTube

· The New York Premiere of a play by Kirsten Greenidge. Featuring Cherise Boothe, Angela Lewis, Nikiya Mathis, LeRoy McClain, J. Mallory-McCree, Adrienne C. Moore, and Tonya Pinkins. Directed by

Black Rep's 'Milk Like Sugar' is provocative drama

Annie (Brandi Threatt) is turning 16, but she’s not sure she has much to celebrate. Her friends Talisha (Tyler White) and Margie (Camille Sharp) seem content to live in the moment, but Annie can

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Milk Like Sugar - DC Theatre Scene

Milk Like Sugar by Kirsten Greenidge Directed by Jennifer L. Nelson What’s the power of friendship in a world where young women of color have so very little? For sixteen year-old Annie Desmond, growing up in a small city is all Galaxy phones and texts from boys. But when one of her friends proudly boasts that she’s …

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