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The audition room can be a stressful place, and preparing for your shot in front of casting directors can be equally as daunting. Pick up your metaphorical sword and slay your next audition for a dramatic role by choosing a monologue that fits you. Have no fear! Here are 17 dramatic monologues for women: 1. “Set down, set down your honourable

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Monologues for women from contemporary plays. 1. Deafening Applause - Dramatic Monologue, Female Excerpt: "I remember how everyone got quiet, okay? still. Like they were all connected to me.

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Quick Monologue Tips: Find a monologue that fits you and your experiences. Find a character or situation that you can relate too. Pick a monologue that is age-appropriate. If you’re in your 40’s, don’t choose a monologue for a young ingenue. Choose a monologue that is suitable for the role you want. Are you auditioning for a comedy? Pick a comedic monologue! Want to get a role in a drama? Pick a dramatic one.

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Monologue Blogger contains some powerful, intense and edgy pieces for the Female Dramatic Actress. The response from actresses using these monologues for auditions has been great! We also have some solid female comedic monologues as well which you are invited to thumb through when you have a free moment.

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"The Wishing Star" - Dramatic Monologue adapted from the monologues Staying Power and Wishing - Female ( minutes) - link goes to Freedrama blog Free Stage Play Scripts at Freedrama offers free stage play scripts, monologues and theatre games at no cost to actors, directors, teachers and students for the classroom or acting performances.

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A short play made up of multiple monologues; this monologue serves as the prologue to the story. Irena describes her plight as an ally to the escaping children and families during WWII. She was in charge of suitcases filled with money and over 2, children throughout her work with the Zegota, helping Jews escape and find safe houses during the war. Throughout this monologue, we would never guess that tonight is the night she will be found out by the Gestapo, and sent to prison for her work.

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2-minute monologues for women from published plays for auditions and acting practice.

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Dramatic Monologues for women from movies, plays, television and books. Free monologues for acting classes and auditions. Dramatic monologues, comic monologues, seriocomic monologues.

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· Hello, my name is Shannon Tracey. I am an 18 year old actress from Kent. This is the first of many monologues I will be uploading over the next few weeks so I am an 18 year old actress from Kent.

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Hundreds of great monologues from plays for men and women of all ages. Monologues include video examples, analysis and character descriptions.

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- Dramatic monologue for female adapted from the play "Holy Ground" Monologues from the play "Bullied, Bungled and Botched" ISBN STRONG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US

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Comedy or drama, movies or plays, we’ve got some great monologues for women! We are constantly adding more and more every week. If you don’t see one you like, keep checking back! Quick Tips for Female Monologues: Find a monologue that fits you and your experiences. Find a character or situation that you can relate too.

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Find dramatic monologues from your favorite playwrights and famous plays, dramas, and theatrical productions.

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· Hey, Long time no see! It's me, Solomon Cazer, and this is a male dramatic monologue is from the play Fences, written by August Wilson which has been adapted for the oscar-nominated Film by Denzel

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(Female, Dramatic, 20s) Taylor stands and delivers this monologue after a gender reveal party. Everyone at the party had been so ecstatic about learning whether it’s a girl or boy, noting all of the differences in excitement a new mother would feel upon hearing the news one way or the other. In this monologue, Taylor explains how mothers

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One Actor Teen Female Solo Monologues "Beauty and Perfection" - Short Monologue from a play - Female (1 minute) "Blessing in Disguise" - Comedy monologue from the play "Blinded by the Knight" - Female ( minutes) - link goes to Freedrama blog "The Big Bad Wolf" - Comedy monologue from the play "Holka Polka" - Female (1 minute) - link goes to Freedrama blog

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monologues for women from movies, plays, television, theatre and books. Free monologues for acting classes and auditions. Dramatic monologues, comic monologues, seriocomic monologues.

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Tags: Monologues for women, Sad monologues, Female dramatic monologues, Dramatic female monologues, Dramatic monologues for women. Racism in America Monologue. Click here to read monologue on google books. A female monologue from the play Spinning into Butter by Rebecca Gilman. Order the play.

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Competition and audition season is quickly approaching! Have you found your monologue yet? If not, we have you covered. Below are 10 monologues (5 dramatic and 5 comedic) from love-sick female characters who have a bone to pick with love.

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"Nervous" - Short Dramatic Monologue for Female (1 minute) - This solo script is a good short dramatic piece for a woman to show some strong emotion that comes from past memories and "Death of an Insurance Salesman" ISBN

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Select from a broad array of Female Monologues ( Monologues for Women ) to help ace your next audition. Choose funny comic monologues, dramatic monologues and more! Visit - your Acting Resource today.

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Sharpen your acting skills or prepare for an audition with these five short comedic monologues for women from Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. Sharpen your acting skills or prepare for an audition with these five short comedic monologues for women from Broadway and Off-Broadway plays.

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In this set of four monologues by women who kill, the author allows us to meet four female killers or murderers, each who kills or has killed for different reasons - for one, it's a job, the second for revenge and the third, to save her children from a lifetime of potential pain. It is traditionally men who are seen as the harsher sex in modern society and thus it is with fascination that

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Comic Monologues for Men • Comic Monologues for Women • Dramatic Monologues for Men • Dramatic Monologues for Women Classical Monologues for Men • Classical Monologues for Women • Monologues for Seniors • Monologues for Children

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Teens in high school are often asked by their instructors to perform monologues, either to audition for a drama performance or to practice their public speaking skills 6 ctors usually want to see how students can handle someone else's material, making it a good idea to choose a monologue from a play rather than create original material.

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Check out StageAgent’s database of monologues for teen girls. All monologues in the database are from published plays. You can literally find hundreds of monologues ranging from Shakespeare all the way to today’s contemporary plays. In order to pe

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Free Monologues. Welcome to the one of the largest collections of teen and youth monologues on the internet, available for free use in auditions and classroom work and all from plays published by YouthPLAYS. Browse dozens of monologues, sortable by genre (drama, comedy, dramedy) and gender. How it Works. Please read the instructions carefully:


"THE DIVORCE"..(Teen Monologue, Female)*Dramatic* "PERFECTLY FRANK"..(Teen Monologue, Male)*Lightly Humorous* "GIRL PROBLEMS"..(Teen Monologue, Male)*Dramatic/Lightly Humorous* "FUN MEMORIES"..(Teen Monologue, female)*Excited/Lightly Humorous* Finding a monologue for Drama class Play Author Age Style Length The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 8 Classical 2 3 min. The Adventures

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Female Monologues Audition Monologues Dramatic Monologues Audition Songs Theatre Plays Music Theater Drama Theater Contemporary Plays Acting Tips Hundreds of free monologues for men, women, teens & kids.

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Content tagged with 5 minute female monologues. LADY KILLERS – MONOLOGUES BY WOMEN WHO KILL. In this set of four monologues by women who kill, the author allows us to meet four female killers or murderers, each who kills or has killed for different reasons – for one, it’s a job, the second for revenge and the third, to save her children from a lifetime of potential pain.

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An assortment of public domain monologues taken from classic plays organized by gender and type.

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· minute DRAMATIC female monologue from a published play? It needs to be a published play! Also, please try and give me the actual monologue, I've been searching google and websites for 2 hours and haven't found anything! dramatic please!

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This site offers free, printable monologues for actors. You can use these monologues for auditions or as short, stand-alone pieces. We offer both carefully-selected classic monologues from public domain plays and original monologues written in contemporary speech on modern topics. All of them are free for you to perform, with no royalties or licensing.

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Tennessee Williams is perhaps the best source when it comes to women characters. Try the monologue in Suddenly Last Summer when Katherine tells what did happen last summer. Mary Tyrone’s two monologues on how she met Mr. Tyrone and on her Morphine

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Making it easier to find monologues since A complete database of Shakespeare's Monologues. The monologues are organized by play, then categorized by comedy, history and tragedy. You can browse and/or search so you can find a monologue whether you know which one you want, or you're looking for monologue ideas. Each monologue entry includes the character's name, the first line of the

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Free audition monologues for women, men, girls and boys. The Monologue Database The monologue database serves the singular purpose of organizing monologues on the web and allowing the internet community to engage and discuss them amongst each other.


Female Monologues: Emily This character has just discovered that she has a very serious problem. She is from the play, When it Rains Gasoline. Jenny A seventeen-year old terminal cancer patient from the play, Dying Light. Teacher

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While these monologues are written for teens, adults may play many of the teen monologues, and teens may play many of the monologues listed in the dramatic monologue or comedic monologue section, as well. Actors may use these modern and free monologues for auditions, but must seek permission first by contacting Tara.

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1 Minute Dramatic Monologues for Women. UNDERWHELM – Wilma is down on her luck and down in life…she is completely unhappy and hopes for a miracle to turn it all around…she just might find one. PROTECTIVE SHIELD – a monologues that explores one’s own ability to have compassion for oneself.

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A list of great Female Monologues This is a list of great monologues for women. It includes a range of both Dramatic and Comedic monologues. This list comprises mainly of classical texts. Classical texts are typically


The Best Dramatic Monologues by Greek Playwright Sophocles. Article . Medea's Monologue by Euripides. Article. Antigone's Monologue in the Classic Play by Sophocles. Article. Best Non-Hamlet Monologues From "Hamlet" Article. Performing a Monologue for Drama Class. Article. Seven Monologues for Young Females. Article. Cyrano de Bergerac's Comedic Monologue. Article. Antigone's Monologue

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Acting Resources >> Monologues >>Female Dramatic Monologues Dramatic Monologues for Women 96 Dramatic Monologues for Women. Except where otherwise posted, the monologues we provide on this site are free to use for teaching and education purposes. View our disclaimer here. Proper credit is given to authors and writers where applicable.

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The Monologuer is your resource to find dramatic and comedic monologues to assist you in preparing for auditions. The Monologuer contains an assortment of classical and contemporary monologues

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To demonstrate your acting diversity as an actresses, you often use a dramatic and comedic monologue for auditions for roles in plays and film. At Monologues For Women, all our monologues are written with female delivery in mind. We combine that with a fun and intuitive online shopping experience.

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Free Monologues. Below are dozens of teen monologues and adult monologues from my plays that individuals may use at no cost for auditions and classroom work. Here's how it works--please read the instructions carefully:

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A collection of monologues for use in auditions or elsewhere. I post anything I come across. I type everything from physical books, so while I do the best I can to ensure accuracy, it is ultimately your responsibility. All rights belong to the owners. If there are any broken links, let me know: I may have typed it in wrong, or it may still be

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Contemporary Monologues for Women ( ) Edited by Trilby James, containing fifty speeches from plays by writers including Mike Bartlett, Vivienne Franzmann, Caryl Churchill, debbie tucker green, Helen Edmundson, Enda Walsh and Jack Thorne – all of them written since the year

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dramatic, F, 1 minute A monologue from the AOPW Fellowship winning play PAST CURFEW. Kirstie realizes her mother's favorite story - about a tiger trying to put out a fire - makes no sense. You can also purchase the entire play from NEXT STAGE PRESS. The monologue is also available in The Theatre Audition Book 2.

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· I am auditioning for the part of "Judy" in Rebel Without A Cause. I am 16, and need to find a dramatic female monologue that is from a play. Any ideas?(Please provide the monologue itself and the play) Age range is 15 to Gender: Female As dramatic as it gets would be good, anything very intense would be good. Not too much profanity, if any at all.

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